Tips For Purchasing A Motorcycle Helmet

motorbike with helmet

Potential buyers put a lot of thought when it comes to purchasing a new motorcycle. This is because there is debate among friends, wandering of dealers, lots of dreaming, and trawling through magazines. Buying a motorcycle helmet is a tedious process. You should buy one that has passed various tests. This ensures you get a helmet that is durable and safe. It is quite difficult to understand chinstraps and padding as the case with fuel injected engines.couple on motorbike

Unfortunately, most riders consider motorcycle helmets afterthought. This can appear as tiresome, but you will spend a lot of time comparing various models to get a helmet that has all requisite safety features. Moreover, they should be comfortable and fit properly.

Helmet types

Motorcycle helmets can be categorized into three main types. Even though they all provide a given measure of protection, some are safer as compared to others. These are the main types:

Full-face helmets

These are considered to be the safest among the three. However, some people have found them to be claustrophobic. They do cover the whole face starting from the chin to the base of your head.


These are also called as shorty-helmets. Chopper and Harley riders favor them. The good thing about these helmets is they meet most of the requirements. However, if you get an accident, the damage is likely to be severe.

Open-face helmets

This type of helmets does not cover the chin. It provides a comprehensive protection as compared to full-face helmets. However, they do provide a lot of protection.

Helmet safety

The following are some of the things to consider when purchasing a motorcycle helmet:


This can be defined as helmet’s ability to stay on the rider’s head. Doing the Motorradhelm Test is necessary. Good retention leaves something that is desired and leaves you looking good.


In fact, retmotorbikeention and fit go hand-in-hand. Thus, your helmet ought to fit snugly. However, if it is too loose, then it will move independently. You should note that not all models or makes are equal. You can purchase a medium helmet of one brand and a big in another.

Comfortable helmet

This can break or make a long ride. Some of the factors to consider include good seal and comfortable padding. You can ask the dealer if you can have it for a test drive.