Setting Pendant Lights in the House


There are plenty of ways to use pendant lights and just as many, if not more, ways to hang them within the chosen space. People are looking for various ways of lighting perth. Discover how they can improve a home or business and create a unique look for any room using one of these ideas.

Different areas

1. Kitchen Island

There are several ways to hang pendant lights in the kitchen, and the kitchen island is jkplkmbvxzdone place that homeowners love to showcase them. They can be hung evenly spaced across the island at all one length, or varying lengths. They also look great with one or two at each end of the isle.

If the island is large, they can be clustered in the center, or be featured at each corner. It’s more than fun to play around with them in varying styles and shapes to see the look that can be created in any kitchen décor.

These lights in a cluster are perfect over kitchen workspaces and give light for any job as well as add beauty and interest. One can’t go wrong, placing them strategically throughout.


Clustered pendant lights in either large, medium or mini size can be lovely in any area of the home. Accessible spaces include a table or island as mentioned above, in a stairwell, foyer, or bedroom over the bed.

Pulling off, these lights must be varied in length. Think outside the box with this idea and add them outdoors, in front of a fireplace or even in the walk-in closet. There are no spots that this can’t work as this makes a decorative element that will do more than impress guests.

3.Bathroom Vanity

Pendant lights are perfect in front of a mirrored bathroom vanity. Choose a minimalist style and keep the space if it’s a smaller bathroom, and go for colors and larger sizes for a big bathroom.

They can even be hung alongside the mirror at varying lengths in place of a wall light. Inverted styles are ideal for indirect light here. If more is needed for applying makeup or doing hair, then the regular type is best. That extra illumination on the face can help in getting ready

4. Dining Table Lighting

Staggered, inverted, minimalist styles and more can be found in the most up and coming lighting stores and they are always perfect for over the dining table. In this space one can set the mood for family gatherings and dinner guests.

Traditional style dining rooms usually go for inverted while the most modern rooms lean toward regular or mini pendant lights. However, no rules are set as far as decorating with light is concerned just be sure they are high enough so someone leaning over the table won’t bump their head.

A Smart Investment

lklkkllklkllkWherever or however pendant lights are placed they are an actual investment in a modern, updated home or business that will draw in the eye and benefit in many ways. There are always new styles of mini pendant and pendant lights, so it pays to check out the best stores often.

Choose from chic, shabby, rustic, modern, classic, minimalist and unique styles of pendant fixtures that will easily serve as a long-lasting addition to space they are added.