Types Of Residential Buildings You Should Know


People continuously seek to live in a better home setup which leads to different types of homes. If you have a family, it is crucial to settle them in a good residential building which is comfortable, safe, secure and one where they can easily access various facilities. To make the right decision, it is crucial to understand which these buildings are. This article will highlight the popular ones.

Types of residential buildings


tall buildingA condominium is one of the popular living styles of the modern days. Many families share one big building with many units. Some units have one bedroom, others two while yet others have more. It is also common to have luxurious amenities in condos like a gym or swimming pool which will be shared by all homeowners in the building. Condos are usually located near towns and cities to cater for housing needs in these limited land areas.

Single family homes

If owning a home with a compound means a lot to you and the family, then this is the home to go for. Depending on the land available, one can own a big or small house. It can either be a bungalow or a mansionette depending on preference or affordability. Single family home offers more privacy and a chance to manicure a garden or lawn. Once you buy this home, you can do renovations or change the colors themes of the exteriors and interiors to suit your likes.

Country homes

For people who prefer to live in the countryside, they can enjoy vast homes built on a vast ranch. In most cases, these home setups are owned by elderly families who prefer either animal or plant farming. Such homes enjoy lots of privacy and serenity unlike the other homes back in the metropolis areas. It is common to find pets and other animals like horses in this kind of homes.

Townhouse homes

Townhouse homesSome people call them mini condos. They are fewer units which share a wall. One common feature about them is that they are found in towns or suburbs. Unlike condos, they do not have any other amenity apart from the house and a common ground where kids and teenager can use for recreation. Their purpose is also to cater for the great demand in towns.

Finally, other house buildings like cooperatives are also available although not so common. You can see more about them over the Internet for more information. However, the above-discussed are the popular home buildings that you should know.